custom jigsaw puzzle
custom jigsaw puzzle
custom jigsaw puzzle
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Custom Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
Custom Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
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Custom Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

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Turn any picture of into a custom puzzle!

  • Perfect Gift Idea
  • Free Shipping
  • Create a Unique Puzzle
  • Helps to Relax and Unwind
  • Wide Range of Sizes Available

1. Unique Gift 

A custom jigsaw puzzle is special to every individual person and that is what makes them such a unique gift. They also provide the recipient of the gift hours of entertainment and fun, while completing something special to them.

2. Precision Cut Wooden Pieces

Our custom jigsaw puzzles are not made from flimsy cardboard like other companies. We take pride in the fact each puzzle is precision cut from high quality wood to give a firm and solid finish. You do not have to worry about any edges or corners snapping off. 

3. Perfect for completing with someone special

We find a lot of our customers who buy our custom jigsaw puzzles intend to complete them with someone else. They are a great source of entertainment between more than one person as you can complete and reminisce about the photo in the puzzle. At the end of the puzzle you have a lasting memory of the puzzle and time spent completing the puzzle.

4. Suitable for Anyone

The great thing about a puzzle is that anyone can complete it with enough time and effort. Our custom jigsaw puzzles come in a range of sizes and the bigger the puzzle the more pieces, and the more pieces the longer it will take you to complete. We take pride in the fact that our puzzles can be completed by anyone over the age of 3.

5. Freedom to be Creative

One great aspect of our custom jigsaw puzzles is the fact you have the freedom to be creative. You can use absolutely any photograph as long as it is uploaded as a JPG file up above. So be creative and crazy at the same time, the only limit on what puzzle you can create is your own limit.

The beauty of our custom jigsaw puzzles is that they come with absolutely everything you need to start completing the puzzle straight away! The kit includes;

• 1 x Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle Box.

• 1 x Set of precision cut wooden jigsaw pieces (The number will depend on how big a puzzle you select).

• 1 x Decorative bag to hold and store the unsolved jigsaw puzzle pieces.

• 1 x Set of box dividers to help you solve large sections of the puzzle.

• 1 x Actual size print out of the photo used in the puzzle, this helps you complete difficult sections of your custom jigsaw puzzle.

It could not be easier for you to choose and select the photograph you would like to be used to create your custom jigsaw puzzle.

At the top of this page there will be a grey button that says ‘upload image’ simply click this button and choose the image you want to use.

Important - Please make sure you upload the image as a jpg. or png. File otherwise we will not be able to download and print your custom puzzle.

The beautiful thing about our custom jigsaw puzzles is that you can turn any photo into a custom puzzle.

Here is a list of the most common photos that our customers have turned into their own custom puzzle; 

  • Wedding Photos
  • Pets & Animals
  • Favourite Holidays
  • Family Pictures
  • Photos of Partners
  • Famous Athletes
  • Dream Cars
  • Celebrities

Once we have received your custom jigsaw puzzle order we will download your picture and transform it into a real puzzle. 

The photo will be turned into a puzzle and printed at our factory. The puzzle will then be printed and put together with the custom photo box and decorative bag and finally the puzzle will be shipped to you.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions the print time at our factories has been delayed and we ask you to please allow up to 15 working days for your custom puzzle to arrive. But it will be worth the slightly delayed shipping times.

Our custom jigsaw puzzles start at just 35 pieces all the way up to 1000 wooden pieces. 

The completed dimensions of each sized puzzle are;

35 Pieces - 15 * 10 cm

200 Pieces - 35 * 25 cm

300 Pieces - 40 * 28 cm

500 Pieces - 52 * 38 cm

1000 Pieces - 75 * 50 cm

1. Customisation Stage

Choose the number of pieces you would like your puzzle to have from the drop-down menu. 

1. Customisation Stage
2. Upload the Photo

The next step is one of the most important; make sure you upload the photo you would like turned into a custom puzzle using the grey 'upload image' button at the top of the page. 

2. Upload the Photo
3. Order Received

Once we receive your order we will send the photo you would like to use to the printing team.

3. Order Received
4. Transformation Time

Your photograph will then be transformed into a custom jigsaw puzzle and the pieces will be cut precisely to make sure they fit together.

4. Transformation Time
5. Safely Packaged

Your custom jigsaw puzzle, decorative bag, dividers and print out will then be placed into your custom photo box.The box will then be securely packaged ready to be shipped.

5. Safely Packaged
6. Delivered and Enjoyed

Your custom jigsaw puzzle will then be shipped to your front door ready for you to unwrap and start piecing together.

6. Delivered and Enjoyed
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Jamie S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Perfect Gift!!

I bought a custom puzzle for my friend who loves puzzles and I uploaded a picture from our favourite holiday together. The custom puzzle arrives in a luxury box with the photo on the front and the pieces come in a lovely silk bag. Would definitely recommend as the perfect gift! Cheers

Sarah P.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Good fun and high quality!

It was a fun activity to pass the time in the evenings. The wooden pieces were amazing quality and the final puzzle looked fantastic!

Nathan G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Perfect gift for my girlfriend.

I turned a picture of my girlfriend and I on our favourite holiday into a puzzle for her birthday. She absolutely loved it and we spent hours of fun completing it together. I really liked the decorative bag the wooden pieces came in, better than the pieces just being loose in the box. Will definitely be ordering another one of my dog soon!