diamond painting kit
diamond painting
diamond painting kit
diamond painting kit
custom diamond painting
Custom Diamond 5D Painting Kit
Custom Diamond 5D Painting Kit
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, diamond painting kit
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, diamond painting
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, diamond painting kit
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, diamond painting kit
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, custom diamond painting
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Custom Diamond 5D Painting Kit
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Custom Diamond 5D Painting Kit

Custom Diamond 5D Painting Kit

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Turn any image into a Custom 5D Diamond Rhynestone Kit today! 


Turn any photograph of into a Custom Diamond Painting!

  • Perfect Gift Idea
  • Free Shipping
  • Create a Unique Diamond Painting
  • Help To Relax and Unwind
  • Wide Variety of Sizes

1. Unique Gift 

A custom diamond painting kit is special to every individual person and that is what makes them such a unique gift. They also provide the recipient of the gift hours of entertainment and fun, while completing something special to them. They also have a high quality finished diamond painting to decorate their home with. 

2. Increase Attention Span and Improve Patience

Completing one of our amazing diamond painting kits enhances the artists ability to focus and concentrate on the given task. A step by step coded painting improves the artists patience and attention to the small details. These are valuable skills to develop, while also completing a beautiful diamond painting. Completing one of our diamond kits has been likened to meditating.   

3. Relax and Reduce Stress and Anxiety

You can complete the painting whenever suits you, the personalised painting does not need to be completed in one go, providing the artist with hours of entertainment. Working on the diamond painting improves cognitive abilities and motor co-ordination which is proven to reduce stress and anxiety levels.  

4. Suitable for Anyone

The amazing thing about a personalised diamond painting kit is that anyone can complete it as you simply have to follow the code on the canvas and the finished painting will be incredible. This means anyone with any level of painting ability can complete our painting with enough time and effort. 

The bigger the size canvas the longer it will take the painter to complete but the level of difficult will not change. We take pride in the fact that our custom diamond paintings can be completed by anyone over the age of 6.

5. Freedom to be Creative

One great aspect of our custom diamond painting kits is the fact you have the freedom to be creative. You can use absolutely any photograph as long as it is uploaded as a JPG file up above. So be creative and crazy at the same time, the only limit on what painting you can create is your own limit.

The beauty of our custom diamond painting kits is that they come with absolutely everything you need to start completing the painting straight away! The kit includes;

• 1 x High Quality Coded Adhesive Canvas to Stick the Diamonds onto. 

• 1 x Variety of Coloured Diamonds (Rhynestones) to complete your painting.

• 1 x Toolkit which contains the tools required to successfully stick the diamonds onto the coded canvas. (The stylus is the main tool) 

• 1 x Wax Pad to dip the stylus into before picking up the diamond. 

• 1 x Tweezers and Craft Tray to Hold the coloured diamonds you are working on. 

It could not be easier for you to choose and select the photograph you would like to be used to create your custom diamond painting kit.

At the top of this page there will be a grey button that says ‘upload image’ simply click this button and choose the image you want to use.

Important - Please make sure you upload the image as a jpg. or png. File otherwise we will not be able to download and print your personalised painting canvas.

The beautiful thing about our custom paint by numbers is that you can turn any photo into a custom painting.

Here is a list of the most common photos that our customers have turned into their own custom painting kit; 

  • Photos of Loved Ones
  • Pets
  • Family Pictures
  • Siblings
  • Favourite Cars
  • Favourite Holidays
  • Celebrities
  • Parents or Grandparents
  • Favourite Animals
  • Personal Landscapes

Once we have received your custom diamond painting order we will download your picture and transform it into a high quality canvas. 

The photo will be turned into a painting and printed at our factory. The painting will then be printed and put together with the required diamonds, set of tools, wax and tray. Then the custom 5D Diamond painting kit will be shipped to you.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions the print time at our factories has been delayed and we ask you to please allow up to 14 working days for your custom painting to arrive. But it will be worth the slightly delayed shipping times!

Diamond Painting is quickly becoming the most popular new DIY way to complete a painting at home. It is a combination of paint by numbers and cross stiching a painting.

To complete a diamond painting the artist must systematically place tiny coloured Rhynestones (diamonds) onto a adhesive canvas which has a specific code on it. Similar to paint by number, you place by Rhynestone and the final result is an amazing shimmering painting made up of all the diamonds. 

It is a proven method to help reduce stress and anxiety as the process of placing the Rhynestones on the adhesive canvas is extremely relaxing and therapeutic. 

They can be completed by absolutely anyone and simply require patience and time to place all the diamonds in the correct position. 

  1. Remove all the items from the packaging. 

Every personalised diamond painting kit comes complete with everything you will need to complete your painting. Lay out all the tools, diamonds and canvas so you are aware of all the pieces you have. 

  1. Lay your adhesive canvas on a clean surface.

Firstly unroll and lay your adhesive canvas flat on a large clean surface or work bench. If the canvas is not flat use a weight on top to smooth out the canvas.

We also recommend you set up your work station in a room with plenty of natural light to help you complete the painting easily.   

  1. Choose your colour and get your tray ready.

You then want to either pick a colour diamond to start with or a code on adhesive canvas to begin with. 

Then pour that coloured rhynestone into the craft tray and make sure the rhyenstones are spaced out evenly. This will make it easier to pick them up with the stylus. The easiest way to do this is to give the tray a little shake.   

  1. Put some wax on the end of the Stylus Pen.

Simply take the wax pad provided and gently dip the end of the stylus pen into the wax. 

The end of the stylus pen will then be able to pick up the diamonds almost like a magnet. 

  1. Start placing the diamonds onto the canvas.

The final step is to then start placing your chosen colour diamonds onto the adhesive canvas. Each of the coloured diamonds corresponds to a symbol or code on the canvas and this where that colour diamond should be placed. 

There will be a table explaining which code corresponds to which coloured diamond. 

Simply repeat this process until you have placed all the diamonds onto the canvas and then enjoy your beautiful diamond painting. 

1. Customisation Stage

Choose the size of the custom diamond painting you would like from the dropdown menu at the top of the page.

1. Customisation Stage
2. Upload the Photo

This step is very important! Make sure you upload the photograph you would like to be turned into a custom diamond painting using the grey 'upload image' button at the top of this page. 

2. Upload the Photo
3. Order Received

We will then receive your order with the photo you would like turned into a diamond painting kit. We will then send this photograph to the printing team who will handle the next steps.

3. Order Received
4. Transformation Time

Your photograph will then be wonderfully transformed into a custom diamond painting kit with the correctly coloured rhynestones to complete your painting. 

4. Transformation Time
5. Safely Packaged

Your custom diamond painting canvas will then be carefully and securely packaged up with all the tools and rhynestones required to complete your painting. 

5. Safely Packaged
6. Delivered and Completed

The personalised diamond painting will then be shipped to your front door for you to unwrap and begin to complete. 

6. Delivered and Completed
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Jason H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Such an awesome and different type of painting!

I bought this diamond painting not really sure what to expect. But when it arrived and I began putting the stones onto the canvas I got into the flow of it and had a tremendous amount of fun. I have completed one of the paint by number kits but I really enjoy the different format of completing the painting through the gemstones. Planning on getting my partner one for Christmas as this is the exact sort of thing she will love!