Reviews and Testimonials

Always wanted to try one of our products but unsure of how the finished product would look?
We listened to your feedback and here you can see examples of what our customers finished products look like:
Here is the finished painting by numbers product:
Finished Product
Below is the original image:
Below is another finished painting by numbers product:
Finished product
Below is another finished painting by numbers product:
Finished Product
Below is a finished diamond painting:
Diamond - finished
Another example of a finished diamond painting:
finished diamond
Below are examples of the High quality canvas prints:
Here's what some of our customers had to say:
"This is my second time ordering from this website! I love it, and I will definitely order from them a third time. The order arrived in about 2-3weeks" - Susan H
"Arrived within 16 days. Fun to do with plenty of paint. I feel like it turned out pretty close to the original and in a fairly easy design." - Michael F
"This is my go to website to buy custom photo paintings. Good quality and fast customer service response. Shipping does take about 13+ days, but it's worth the wait. Thank you." - Joanne S
"Arrived quickly and with appropriately numbered paints, the picture was adapted perfectly! I gave This to my gf for our anniversary" - Robby F
"Love my new hobby! This is so relaxing! So glad I gave it a try. This is my first painting. I took the photo of a balcony in Taormina, Italy. Such a cool way to remember an amazing trip! Im working on my second painting now!" Rachel S
"Absolutely perfect store, incredible communication, seller is THE BEST! I cannot believe how fast I got my personalized paint by numbers order. Wow! it came in less than two weeks! To the US as well! Amazing, I cannot even believe it. And the quality is just great , the colors are wonderful, everything is printed so well and very high-quality. I ordered a lot but I will order a lot more because this is the best store out of all the stores I tried! Highly recommending this store! Best quality, best customer service, best shipping, best products. I just started painting everything and I will submit more pictures once I’m done. But I’m very impressed so far. The quality is wonderful!" - Rich H
"My girlfriend and I went to Japan and we decided to order these canvas prints to remember the trip. WOW! amazing quality and now we can hang these up in the living room to reminice on our holiday! THANK YOU! - Paul C
"Father in law recently passed away and I ordered a diamond painting to commemorate him. Thank you so much, the picture quality is amazing." Tina F