Frequently Asked Questions

The beauty of our custom paint by number kits is that they come with absolutely everything you need to start completing the painting straight away! The kit includes;

  •  1 x High Quality Personalised Numbered Canvas (40cm x 50cm 36 Colours is the most popular kit).
  •  1 x Set of Numbered Paints - Either 24 or 36 Paints (The 36 Paint option will result in a more accurate final painting). You will have enough paints to complete the entire canvas.
  •  1 x Set of 3 Different Sized Brushes. We recommend purchasing our set of 10 brushes here in order to complete the painting more accurately.
  •  1 x Paper Copy of the Painting to help identify which section is which number once you have started painting. (The paper copy is not painted on!)

It could not be easier for you to choose and select the photograph you would like to be used to create your custom paint by number kit.

On the Custom paint kit page there will be a grey button that says ‘upload image’ simply click this button and choose the image you want to use.

Important - Please make sure you upload the image as a .JPEG or .PNG file otherwise we will not be able to download and print your personalised painting canvas.




We have a wide range of paint by number kits that you can choose from. So you do not have to stress if you do not know which picture you would want to use.

There are two different options you can choose from when creating your personalised paint by number kit; 

  •  24 Colours. Our standard paint by number kits come with 24 colours to paint your custom paint by number kit. If you would like 24 colours then select a size that only has the dimensions as these are the standard painting kits.
  • 36 Colours. If you would like an even more accurate finished painting then we recommend our 36 paint kit option. The more paints you have to complete the painting the more accurate the final painting will appear. If you would like the 36 colour option then select a size that has (36 Colours) written after the dimensions.

No, however, we do have frames available for purchase separately. 

Unfortunately we only have frames for the 40cm x 50cm sized paint by number kit. 

The beautiful thing about our custom paint by numbers is that you can turn any photo into a custom painting.

Examples include:

  • Family and relatives
  • Friends
  • Events
  • Sports images
  • Pets
  • Your favorite car

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